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02 Mini Assignment-Citizenship

Our work in Social Studies will include a Web Quest.  A Web Quest is an online journey that will provide you with a good understanding of a topic.

The Purpose of this Web Quest is to provide you with information about the importance of Government in Canada.  We will learn about the importance of citizenship; your rights and responsibilities as a citizen, how elections occur and the role of government in Canada.

Assignment 2:

Using an online dictionary, lookup the words RIGHTS  and  RESPONSIBILITIES.  As a member of this class, what are your rights and responsibilities?  Write a short essay with the title, "My Rights and Responsibilities." Be sure to include what these words mean.

After that...

Watch this video about becoming a Canadian Citizen

Read this article about what the rights and responsibilities of being a Canadian.

Take this online quiz to see if you are a good Canadian citizen.

And Finally...

You will write a brief essay this week.  Using the information you have explored, you will answer the following questions:

"What are some of the responsibilities of someone who wants to become a citizen?"

“What are the rights of a citizen in Canada?”

“What does it mean to be a good citizen?”

Remember that a good essay has:

An introduction: a few sentences that tell me what you are going to talk about.  This should be one paragraph.

A Body: this is where you expand on your introduction.  Your essay is about the three questions asked above, so the body of your essay should be about three paragraphs.

A Conclusion: A conclusion is very much like an introduction.  In this final paragraph you show that you have explained everything you stated in your introduction.