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03 Federal Government

The Federal Government or Parliament of Canada is made up of three elements - The Sovereign represented by the Governor General, an appointed Upper House called the Senate, and an elected Lower House called the House of Commons. The consent of all three elements is needed for the passage of legislation.


Read the following web page about our Federal Government and answer the questions below. 

1. What does "Constitutional Monarchy" mean?

2. Who is our Sovereign?  (hint: see the "Structure of the Federal Government" diagram)

3. Who is our Governor General?  Tell a bit about her life and accomplishments.

4. What is the role of the Governor General? 

5. Who is our Head of Government? 

6. What is the function of the Official Opposition?

7. What is the Senate?

8.  What is the House of Commons?

9. How are the Senate and the House of Commons similar?  How are they different?

10. Who needs to agree before legislation (laws) can be passed?