Research an artist that uses symbols to tell a story or make a statement.  Can NOT be an advertisement (must make an artistic statement). Avoid inappropriate content.

Provide a brief biography of the artist.

Chose one work of the artist's work and interpret it (three or four paragraphs)

                -a brief introduction to the artist

                -is there some important facts about the piece?

                -a brief statement about the piece you have chosen to discuss (is there a story about it?, what it is made of?)

                -a brief statement telling about what the art  piece "means to you."

Part 2

Create your own symbolic piece in the same manner as your research subject (you may use any technique you like pencil, crayon, paint, electronic)

-must provide a plan


            - a short description of what you will create

            - a short story of what your audience might see in your creation

-must include a central point of interest, colour, texture, proportion, depth

Potential Sources

Artists  (paintings, sketches)

Vincent Van Gogh


Claude Monet

Pablo Picasso

Auguste Renoir

Emily Carr

Frida Kahlo

Artists (digital)

Artists (photography)