Research an artist that uses symbols to tell a story or make a statement.  Can NOT be an advertisement (must make an artistic statement). Avoid inappropriate content.

Provide a brief biography of the artist.

Chose one work of the artist's work and interpret it (three or four paragraphs)

                -a brief introduction to the artist

                -is there some important facts about the piece?

                -a brief statement about the piece you have chosen to discuss (is there a story about it?, what it is made of?)

                -a brief statement telling about what the art  piece "means to you."

Create your own symbolic piece (you may use any technique you like pencil, crayon, paint, electronic)

-must include a central point of interest, colour, texture, proportion, depth

Provide an interpretation of what your work means. 

Potential Sources

Artists  (paintings, sketches)

Vincent Van Gogh


Claude Monet

Pablo Picasso

Auguste Renoir

Emily Carr

Frida Kahlo

Artists (digital)

Artists (photography)