Simile and Metaphor
You will create three or four poems which use similes.
You will create three or poems which include metaphors OR the entire poem is a metaphor for something.
You will choose one of each poem and present it to the class.  You will discuss how your use of simile and metaphor are effective.

Paired Writing...

You will write a fictional story with an assigned partner.  You will share your work with each other and with Mr. Dewey and no one else.

You will write in one colour, your partner will write in another.  Each partner should write equal amounts.  One way of separating work is to take turns writing a paragraph each.

Your story will include dialogue (quotes), proper use of punctuation (including capital letters for proper nouns), adjectives and adverbs.

12 point font.  No pictures.

Procedural Writing- Due Jan 22

Review the following recipes

stuffed peppers

chocolate chip cookies

While reading these recipes, pay close attention to the three parts of each:

-an introduction paragraph that tells a bit of the history or the dish or how delicious, challenging/easy it is to make

-an ingredients list

-preparation list

Review the following videos

YouTube Video

YouTube Video

YouTube Video

YouTube Video

YouTube Video

YouTube Video

Your Job
Use one of the above videos to write a recipe.

My Introduction

-has a title

-has a picture

-describes how the dish looks

-describes how great it smells

-describes how great it tastes

-describes how easy it is to make or how much skill is required


My Ingredients List

-is organized (in the order that they are used/ by wet and dry/ important parts vs. less important or optional parts)


My Preparation Steps

-is broken in to numbered, easy to follow paragraphs

-is detailed and describes how the dish should look or feel as each step is completed

-uses appropriate spelling and punctuation

YouTube Video

YouTube Video


Josephine recommends listening to the Mars Patel Podcast 

room 203 best part of me.pptx

room 206 best part of me.pptx

The Best Part of Me Success Criteria

1) Start with "The best part of me is" and end with "That is why my ____________is/are the best part of me."

2) Use descriptive words-adjectives, adverbs, similes and/or metaphors

3) Describe what you do with it/them

4) Tell why you chose it/them

YouTube Video

Punctuation Discussions: