Media Literacy

Exploring Ted Talks

Watch the following Ted Talks.  Chose one talk and write an essay using the questions below to guide your thinking.  Remember to read the questions carefully, re-watch your talk, pause it and make notes as you view.

Use google docs, create a doc named “Ted Talk” and the title of your video.  Share it with .


What Adults Can Learn From Kids


How I Harnessed the Wind


12 Year Old App Developer


A Teen Just Trying to Figure It Out


My Invention that Made Peace With Lions




What is the main idea being stated by the speaker?


What examples does she or he state to prove his or her idea?


Has the speaker changed your mind about something or made you think about this topic differently?  In what way? 

Could you say that you learned something new from this talk?


Think about the speaker’s “presentation style.”  How does their presentation keep your interest?


What are some of the possible topics you might explore as a Ted Talk of your own?

Typical Tween Sitcom   In-Class Assignment

1. Describe a major problem or conflict that the teens face on this show.

2. How is the problem or conflict resolved?

3. In your opinion, is this the real way teens deal with this kind of problem or conflict? Why or why not? 

4. Describe the main character(s) in the show.

5. Are the teen characters exaggerated or stereotyped in this show? In what way?

6. Are there characters that are portrayed positively?

7. Are there characters that are portrayed negatively?

8. Would you want to be like any of the characters portrayed on the show? Why or why not?


How We watch TV

Essay Questions:

·         What part of viewing TV is "the media"?

·         How does the media make you feel?

·         Has any information you received from the media ever angered you? Made you feel really good?

·         Do you feel represented in the media (i.e., race, sex, age, talents, strengths, weaknesses, background, ethnicity)?

·         Who is visible and who is invisible within the media?

·         Are there certain issues or groups of people represented more often than others in the media? Why do you think this is the case?

·         Do you think the media stereotypes certain people? Who? How?

UNBOX or DEMO assignment

You and a partner will create your own short video.

In this video you will unbox or demonstrate some sort of product.

How will you sustain your audience's attention?

How will you "sell" your product without directly making a sales pitch?

Provide a short written outline of your video.  Rehearse it with your partner.  When you are ready, film your video.

Video should be between five to ten minutes long.


after you have filmed your presentation, please complete this form

01 YouTube Stars