Media Literacy

task 2:

write your own 1 minute advertisement.  be sure to use some of the techniques and ideas you have discovered in your research from task 1. 

-include a cast of characters, setting

-include a full script and storyboard which details all speech and action

-produce your advert as a performance for the class  (you may record it on video)


Treatment: a single paragraph describing what your advertisement is about.  This must be approved.

Script: what your actors are going to say and do.  Here is what a script looks like.   Here is a template you may copy.   

Story Board: a "comic" that shows how the action will take place in your advertisement.

Film or Perform: you will film or perform your advertisement for our class.

TV and Internet Video Advertisement Essay

-find an advertisement (must be approved) that is about 1 minute long.

-describe what happens in the advertisement using descriptive language

-answer the following questions:

who is this advertisement for? 

how do you think the company achieved the look for their product? 

do you think the advertisement is completely honest about it's claims? 

why do you think that?

-be sure to include the link for your advertisement.


-have I described the advertisement in detail and with descriptive language?

-have I described how the advertising company achieved the look for their product?

-have I made a clear statement about the honesty of the advertiser?

-have I included a link to the advertisement?


Radio Advertisements

You will create your own radio advertisement for an imaginary company or product.  You will design a logo for your ad to accompany a 25-60 second audio production which will be posted online.  

You will need to write a script, hire actors, prepare music. Be sure to include a clear and interesting script that motivates a specific audience to buy your product or service.  You will also include a short discussion about your ad; what the overt message, implied message, and target audience are for your product or service.  Include a copy of your product's or service' logo. Due Dec 22.


1) brainstorm ideas for your product or service

                -name of product

                -what will the logo look like?

                -music (if needed)


2) write your script (be sure that each actor is clearly labelled and include the kind of inflection needed in their voice)

3) at the end of your script include a three paragraph discussion in which you tell me what the overt message, implied message, and audience is for your ad.

remember: The definition of implied is something that was hinted at or suggested, but not directly stated. 

                   The definition of overt is something that is directly stated.  What clearly happens in the ad.


4) record your script (if you are unable to do this arrange for a recording time with Mr. Dewey)

A sample script and discussion page can be found HERE.

Cookie Juice

Old assignments:

Radio Advertisements

You will write a short essay (about 1-2 pages) that talks about the overt and implied messages from one of the advertisements below. Overt messages in media are what we are directly told.  Implied messages in media are present, but we have to infer them.

Tell me which ad you have chosen and describe what happens in detail. (overt message) 

What is the purpose of the advertisement?  How do you know? (implied message)

Talk about the intended audience for this advertisement.  Who is supposed to listen to the ad?  Is it effective?  Why do you think so?

A sample essay can be seen here.  

You will be graded based on the amount of detail you provide, how clear your opinions are, spelling and punctuation.  Due...1 week.

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