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00 Introduction

In this unit we will research Canada in and around the time of 1713.  This was a time of Canada's first explorers.  We will examine the reasons why Europeans first came to Canada, what they found when they got here, how they worked with the people already living here, and how they adapted to living in a strange, new land.

We will think about and research the following: 

What were Canada's First People like before the arrival of European Explorers?

What did the first contact between First Nations People and Europeans look like?  Were there positive and negative consequences of contact?

What were some of the reasons for European settlement?  What did the early settlements look like?
As we examine Canada's earliest days, you will visit web pages, look at maps and charts, and view images and videos in order to gather all the information needed to produce three projects that tell about early contact between the Europeans and First Nations and how Canada's first communities took shape.  You will find many articles, sites and videos in our journey.  You are also encouraged to extend your exploration to include topics about how the First People have influenced our lives and culture today.  As you do your assignments, you may wish to comment on how relationships between people of European descent have changed (or not) with those of First Nations.

Here are the tasks we will be doing...

Project 1 - A Report, complete with maps and diagrams that tell about what Canada was like before the arrival of European Explorers.  Who the various tribes were.  Where they lived, how they traveled, ate, and worked.  You will also comment about how Europeans benefited from trade with these people and if trades were always fair.

Project 2- A travel Brochure in MS Publisher or other Word Processing Application that encourages explorers to come to Canada.  Use testimonials from previous famous Canadian Explorers.  You will  advertise about all that the new country has to offer, what to expect when you arrive, who will meet you, travel safety tips for dealing with the new geography and climate, and how to prepare to trade when you get there.

Project 3-You and a partner will build an annotated model of an Early European settlement (or Seigneury) and its surrounding area.  This model will describe its geographic situation (what natural resources are nearby), who the neighbours are, and how the land is divided among the inhabitants of the community.