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01 Task One- First Peoples

Project 1  Report (two weeks)
You will write a short report on Canada's First People and their interactions with European traders.

Review the following links where you will be introduced to Canada's First Peoples.

-A video describing Canadian Aboriginal History 

-Think about the kinds of things Europeans wanted to trade from the Aboriginals by reading this page

-Evaluate whether trade with The Aboriginals was always fair after watching this video and reading this article

-Carefully read about The Eastern Woodland Hunters and The Eastern Woodland Farmers These are the two groups of First Nations people who occupied what would become New France.

Step One Be prepared to make notes on the following:
Where the individual tribes are located on a map of Canada
A description of each of the major tribes in detail (how they lived, roles of men and women, how they ate, relations with other tribes)

        Print and complete the following organizer to organize your thinking as you read the sites.  Google Doc 
        Use this map for to help illustrate your report 

Step Two  Using your notes, write a first draft essay describing the tribes of Canada's First Peoples in what would become New France.  Remember to include your own thinking especially when discussing how things became after Europeans arrived. Was trade always fair?  Who benefited from trading with the Europeans? When done, review your work with a partner.  Underline mistakes.  Rearrange ideas as needed. 

        This is a first draft.  Ideas are more important than spelling right now. 

Step Three In your best handwriting publish your report.

          Be sure that you use your best handwriting.  You may use a computer if you'd like.