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02 Early Explorers

Project 2 Travel Brochure (one week)

View the video and read the short essay about Jaques Cartier landing on what would become Canada

View the video and read the short essay about John Cabot and why he wanted to travel to Canada

Read this site to discover some of the dangers and challenges travelers to Canada would face.

Using the information from the above resources, create a travel brochure encouraging people to sail from Europe to explore Canada.
You may use Microsoft Publisher or any other word processing tool to create your brochure.

Be sure to include:
-Testimonials from previous visitors to Canada
-Showcase the natural resources and opportunities available to daring explorers
-The helpful inhabitants of the land
-Safety tips for exploring and staying comfortable and safe in Canada
-What sorts of things will you trade.  What sorts of things will you expect in return?  Will you be fair?